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Health & Wellness
Oxygen Generator
( Model Number : SA-2500 )
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Oxygen Generator

Compact design

By optimized compact design, we minimized the size of the environment-friendly product with oxygen, anion, digital VFD membrane oxygen generation function.

High-efficiency oxygen generator

  • Generation of clean oxygen: The unit supplies clean 30% oxygen
  • Oxygen is the nutrient for the brain, the brain of an adult accourts for 2 to 3 percent of the whole body in terms of weight but consumes 2-% of oxygen absorbed into the body
  • Brain cells need 200liters of oxygen a day for proper operation
  • Oxygen is an element of vitality for the body. Oxygen supplied to the body reduces fatigue, asthenia, chronis headache and lethargy, increases concentration, thinking power, memory, intellectual development, alcohol detoxification and skin care, and strengthens immune system aginst virus and influenza.

Low noise product

  • The dual noise suppresion structure minimizes noise

Good design

  • It is oxygen generator that has obtained a GD(Good Design) mark that fits well any interior design of your house.

Oxygen is good for

  • Memorize, concentrate capacity
  • Baby's brain when pregnant
  • Deep sleepl, feel fresh
  • Stress
  • Skin care
  • Go on a diet
  • Boost to recover after hang-over
  • Smoking
  • Snoring
  • Immune System
  • Patient(asthma

Function & Specification

Oxygen Generation Method Membrane Method
Auto Mode After 15 minutes operation,stop for 5 minutes. This circle will do continuosly.
Manual Mode It will operate by manual mode continuously. (Please do not use continuously in Manual Mode. Because it can reduce the machine life)
Oxygen 2~3 liter/min purity: over 30%
Size 360 x 150 x 360 mm
Power Consumption AC 220V/120V 60Hz 60W
Oxygen Generation Method 2.0 LPM (installed dispenser)
Oxygen Purity 30% or above
Timer 90 minutes
Weight 10 kg
Others Oxygen generation dispenser installed
Negative ion generated
ABS exterior
Origin Made in Korea

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