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Air Cleaner
( Model Number : NBA-750 )
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Air Cleaner

Design Concept

  • Maximization of inhale, exhaust's number for rise of purification performance
    (inhale through 5sides, exhaust through 3sides)
  • Progress of indication function by adoption of LCD, LED's emotion
  • Emphasis of soft image through front curved line
  • Design of mutual matching, intense color of white and black


  • Certification of highest delivery rate of clean air in the world
  • Objective notification device of filter's replacement by using of pressure sensor at the first in the world
  • Realization of excellent collection efficiency by using of 3m's filter
  • Using of environmental-friendly materials and parts
  • Diffusion function of aroma-therapy, vitamin
  • Design of high wind and low noise-control
  • Night-sensor(smooth mode for night), mood lamp
  • Convenience of moving
  • Acquirement of certification mark from Energystar


Specification &
Moving method Moving by caster
(Very easy and
Room to room,
room to floor
Clean air flow 660m³/hr
(Turbo mode)
Energy consumption 82.1watts
(Certification of
Using space 248m³ Room size sqFT 698
Voltage AC120V, 60Hz
AC240V, 50Hz
AC220V, 60Hz
Voltage and hertz
Noise Under 53.4dB(in max
Filter' replacement Through pressure
difference of
pressure sensor
Air cleaner with
alarm function of
filter's replacement
the first in the world
Pre filter Elimination of large dust  
Electrostatic precipitation filter Minimize of pressure
loss, collection of
middle dust
1EA : upper site
1EA : left
1EA : right
    Functional filter :
Functional Filter Elimination of
injurious gas,
Wind control From 1st stage
to 4th stage
(Specially 5 class
Mode for Turbo)
Inspection function
of filter by consumer
Outside indicator Indication of purity
degree from outside
Operating mode in
the night auto/manual mode
Alarm function Button type By adoption of LED lamp
Control Button type By adoption of LED lamp
Filter's replacement Opened and
closed type of
upside, left, right
Safety function through
pressure sensor
Inhale structure Curved type
considering euro style
Front and back site
Indicator Pollution indication
through LCD or
back right LED
Emoticon change according
to pollution degree

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